The KUNSTLABOR 2 is not a "classic" museum: visitors can expect an art and cultural centre that offers a wide range of experiences for young and old over several floors. 


Interim art utilisation of a different kind in Munich

With over 15,000 m² of indoor and outdoor space in the former Health centre at Dachauer Straße 90 in the immediate vicinity of the Kunstareal Munich, art can be experienced in the truest sense of the word. 

For the permanent art exhibition in Munich, open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon to 6 p.m., the former government offices have been transformed into interactive art spaces. Visitors can immerse themselves in 60 walk-in art spaces, which are designed by over 100 artists from over 22 nations were transformed into extraordinary worlds of art. 

In this multitude of rooms, visitors can go on a tour of discovery and discover works by local greats and internationally renowned artists, including Samy Deluxe, OCTAVI SERRA, ZEUS or Loomitexperienced.

From Graffiti, tape art, photography, video art, installations, sculptures and upcyclingEach room surprises with an individual contemporary art project using its own technique and a wide variety of materials.

Art project "A Better Planet, A Better World"

From 13 to 28 April 2024, KUNSTLABOR 2 is showing the exhibition A BETTER PLANET, A BETTER WORLD an art project and campaign launched by the Multimedia artist Allessandra Mattanza. A BETTER PLANET, A BETTER WORLD focuses on the power of the arts to promote peace, education and social inclusion.

The exhibition combines photography, poetry, literature, technology, AI and innovation and aims to raise awareness for the protection of nature, flora and fauna, the environment and indigenous cultures.

A BETTER PLANET, A BETTER WORLD has also been recognised by the book "SOS Planet Earth", which is also on display as part of the art exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2. It contains a foreword by Borge Brende, the president of the World Economic Forum, and an introduction by Gavin Schmidt, President of NASA in New York. The book also includes interviews on saving the planet by Alessandra Mattanza with numerous visionaries such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, Robert Redford, Barack and Michelle Obama, Cate Blanchett, Harrison Ford, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Greta Thunberg and Marc Benioff. 

The art exhibition A BETTER PLANET, A BETTER WORLD is touring the world and was previously on show at the UN in New York. The exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2 has been supplemented by a number of artworks created especially for Munich: Paintings, art photography, contemporary art installations and design.

Pop-up-Gallery in der Kunstausstellung Kunstlabor 2 München

Pop-up exhibitions and supporting programme

In addition to the permanent exhibition, KUNSTLABOR 2 regularly presents temporary exhibitions in our Pop-Up-Gallery

You can find up-to-date information on current pop-up exhibitions in our Event calendar.

We also offer a comprehensive Framework programme:

Visitors are actively invited to help shape and be part of the programme at KUNSTLABOR 2.

What is offered on a regular basis?

  • Spectacular exhibitions and walk-in room installations

  • Guided tours, Workshopsfilm festivals, concerts, readings, performances, and much more.

  • Open studio days with supporting programme

  • Art workshops and hands-on programmes for the whole family


Art exhibition in Munich: Interactive in the KUNSTLABOR 2 

Visitors are explicitly encouraged to do more than just "consume" the art.  They are interactively integrated into the museum's exhibition. This opens up direct access to the statements of the artworks, many of which are intended to point to the problems and crises of the present. Visitors can even become part of some of the art projects via social media.

The following artists and interactive spaces await you in the permanent exhibition in KUNSTLABOR 2:

  • Adam Stubley exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2:

Room "Wake up Call" /#ZEROWASTEART: Visitors walk through a dying ocean landscape with creatures made of plastic film (upcycling art).

  • Björn Heyn exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2: 

takes a humorous approach to the world of the mini-golf course and lets visitors pick up a club.

  • WE ARE VIDEO exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2: 

the artist collective turns its space into a video game. "reBound" is played with full physical effort and revives memories of the early days of gaming.

  • Merlin Reichart exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2: 

With his spatial installation "Place to be", the Munich-born artist transports visitors to a supposed place of longing - a sandy beach.


With the aim of bringing the creative potential of artificial intelligence to life four Munich institutions have created "Das Lied der Räume" (The Song of the Rooms), a Collaboration project between an AI and various artists and cultural institutions.


Rewind Ausstellung im Kunstlabor 2 in München

"Rewind" - time travel through art and culture

The exhibition  "Rewind" shows in a multimedia retrospective The history of KUNSTLABOR 2 symbolises the rewinding and reliving of the impressive history of the Kunstlabor. From the transformation of a former health centre into a vibrant centre of art, this overview exhibition reflects the development and highlights of recent years.

In March 2024, the "Rewind" special exhibition moved to our permanent exhibition.

Two new rooms in the art exhibition in Munich

The concept of the permanent exhibition is dynamic and open, so that new rooms are constantly being designed by artists and visitors thus become part of the creative process. The permanent exhibition now comprises 60 rooms. 

In 2024, the rooms of the artists Gerald Jegal and Erik Mayer were added as part of the permanent exhibition in Munich:

Gerald Jegal exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2 in Munich

With his installation "macula lutea", Gerald Jegal shows perspective distortions that make geometric objects appear in the "correct proportion". The "macula lutea" actually refers to a small area on the retina where the eye sees most clearly.

Erik Mayer exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2 in Munich

The installation "Gentrification" by Erik Mayer is dedicated to an important aspect of urban development. Danielle Fagiotto, also from the collective, assisted Erik Mayer with the realisation.