WE ARE VIDEO is an artist collective and digital reality agency founded in 2020. We combine art and the latest technologies in our work to create experiences that impress, inspire and encourage audiences to participate.
We have already brought art in the form of video mappings onto the facades of Munich institutions, immersed ourselves in the world of black holes with interactive installations and sent a laser beam across Prinzregentenstraße. WE ARE VIDEO also creates video designs and light installations for theatres, operas and agencies.

Inspired by the idea of inspiring people and bringing our art to them; whether at home, in the office or as an installation, our game reBound was born. It is an interactive version of the classic game "Pong", which was released by Atari in 1972 and became the first video game to be popular worldwide. reBound is played with the whole body and thus provides a lot of fun, promotes coordination and revives memories of the early days of gaming.

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