Who is Erik Mayer?

Erik Mayer is a young artist, art director, curator, organiser of Slovakian origin and part of the Munich artist collective "Broke Today". Already established in the Munich art scene, he is now trying out his techniques on wall, canvas and paper. His inspiration comes from nature, the city and everyday life. In his works, he realises these with spray cans, oil and acrylic paint.  

Erik begins his artistic process with abstraction and then searches for character in form and colour surface. In his detailed elaboration, he consciously breaks with established norms and principles. He combines animal and human anatomy with complex geometric and abstract forms and adds new dimensions to the found world.  


Erik Mayer exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 in Munich

The installation "Gentrification" by Erik Mayer is dedicated to an important aspect of urban development. Gentrification is the term used to describe the socio-economic structural change of metropolitan neighbourhoods through an increase in attractiveness in favour of wealthier owners and tenants and their subsequent influx. Daniele Faggiotto, also from the broke.today collective, assisted Erik Mayer with the realisation.

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