Who is Björn Heyn?

The human being in his immediate environment.
Björn Heyn (*1992) creates approaches to our living worlds.
From a childlike sense of involvement, he plays out the big biographical questions.
Björn's art creates a humorous surface under which people's stories can unfold in astonishing proximity.

Artistic feature by Björn Heyn

In his artistic work, the works are like the people themselves, they regularly aim to understand and be understood themselves, but at the same time misunderstanding is the rule.

Björn's art torpedoes the relevance of an ultimate answer to the big questions and opens up our contradictory world into the eternally-childlike senses and states of mind.

Björn Heyn exhibition at Kunstlabor 2, Munich

We were here for the first time today.
It was really a lot of fun, our grandchildren were completely out of their minds.
Lovingly decorated flower pots but the previous owner had fresh flowers and paid more attention to the grounds 🙁.

The course is quite good so far and the spectrum is fun.
Professional minigolf not possible!!!

Nice course, some holes have a slight slope, so the ball sometimes changes direction. But the alcoholics standing around at the entrance with a beer in their hands are a bit tasteless and give the wrong impression of the course.

My son went there today with his class to play mini-golf. The game itself was moderately fun for him. But the waitress was probably very rude to the children!

Unfortunately no Weißwurst and hard pretzels...

The woman just yells at my children because the children have not followed the rules.

Stay on the "ball", thank you very much!

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