Who is Octavi Serra?

Octavi Serra (*1990 Girona) is an artist living in Barcelona who has been developing his artistic work in the fields of urban art and photography for more than 10 years.

His work has been published in the main design and art media (MoMA, Designboom, Ignant...) and exhibited in Portugal, Mexico, Norway and Israel in events such as the Venice Biennale. Over the years, his work has been awarded prizes such as several Laus, Contemporary, DME Awards and KREAS.

He currently runs the edition of The Post Traumatic, a self-published newspaper that is critical of conventional media and is regularly sold in Spain, France, Germany, Australia and Mexico.

Octavi Serra exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

1. there is only one player. You are on your own, even if there are other people around you.
2. you must not touch anything. This is art.
3. read this sign to indicate your interest. It might help you understand something. Or it might not. If you don't feel like it, you don't have to finish reading the text. You don't have to read it at all, just stare intently at this sign for two or three minutes, with your eyes straight and your mouth closed.
4. after spending the allotted time reading, enter slowly, curiously and with a slight willingness to consume.
5. please remember not to touch anything; this is art after all.
6. As soon as you enter the room, try to be honest. It is usually difficult to abstract from the noise of modern life. Try anyway.
7. feel, enjoy, suffer.
8. give your opinion on the topic.
9. tell what you like and what you don't like. If you like it, agree and nod slowly. If, on the other hand, you don't like it, accompany your words with a discreet but clearly disappointed face.
10. you can also express your opinion on quality.
*Don't forget that opinions about quality in art are usually subjective. If you justify your opinion with good arguments, you cannot be wrong.
If you do not have an opinion but have someone with you, remain silent until he or she speaks up. Depending on your relationship with that person, you can then agree or disagree. Seek approval, share the opinion. Seek argument, disagree.
12. remember that this game is all about resistance, not speed.

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