Who is Adam Stubley?

Adam Stubley (*1964) grew up in the north of England and has lived in Bavaria for over 30 years.

He has been working as an artist and designer for the Tollwood Festival in Munich for more than a decade. Over the last few years, he has created several artworks with a focus on environmental issues and the increasing pollution of the oceans by plastic waste. In May 2021, he was Munich's "Local Artist" for the exhibition #ZEROWASTEART.

Together with his son Vincent Wildgruber and Marius Haller, he realises a wide variety of wacky projects. Vincent and Marius make mural art and build skate parks in Munich and the surrounding area.

Adam Stubley exhibition at KUNSTLBOR 2 in Munich

Wake up Call - Species extinction starts with the smallest creatures. Corals are vital for countless animals, without which there can be no other living creatures. If the temperature of the oceans rises by only 2° degrees, the corals die and an entire ecosystem collapses. The oceans control our weather, our climate and give us oxygen to breathe. Without a healthy ocean, there is no healthy planet and no life!
Adam, Vincent and Marius transform the room into a dying ocean landscape.

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