Who is Zeus?

Dean Zeus Colman. For 30 years, London-based artist Zeus has drawn inspiration from urban culture to create dynamic, experimental compositions that redefine graffiti art.

His works are an innovative fusion of graffiti techniques and typography, fine art and sculpture. They reflect both his background on the streets and his education at Chelsea College of Art. Born Dean Zeus Colman, his middle name naturally became his tag. He could be seen in London in the 80s and even as a teenager Zeus gained a reputation as a prolific style writer.

Zeus the 3D Graffiti Pioneer

As part of a Princes Trust initiative, Zeus was even invited to teach Prince Charles how to spray. He put his art into a three-dimensional form by making graffiti sculptures out of lightweight wooden panels. Writing remains a central focus of his work.

The Face magazine called him a 3D graffiti pioneer and his work has been exhibited in various places in the UK, including the Victoria & Albert Museum as part of the Street Style exhibition.

Zeus exhibition at the Kunstlabor München

Up - /ʌp/


  1. towards a higher place or position.
  2. at or to a higher level of intensity, volume, or activity.


  1. from a lower to a higher point of (something).
  2. along or further along (a street or road).


  1. directed or moving towards a higher place or position.
  2. at an end.


a period of good fortune or positive mood.


  1. do something unexpectedly.
  2. increase (a level or amount).

The reason for choosing the word 'up' for this installation was its positive meaning in such strange times.

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