Who is Loomit?

Loomit (*1968), whose real name is Mathias Köhler, is one of the pioneers and best-known graffiti artists of our time. At the age of fifteen, Mathias Köhler sprayed his first graffiti on the water tower in Buchloe. In 1985, as one of seven sprayers, he painted the first Whole Train in Germany, which went down in European graffiti history as the "Geltendorf Train".

The artist is best known for his 3D lettering, which he learned from the New York writer legend Seen. Today, Loomit works as a freelance artist in Munich.

Loomit exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

What do elephants and bees have to do with art? In this former staff lounge of the public health department, Loomit reinterprets the role of the busy civil servant. The result is an allegorical creature, a symbiosis of elephant and bee, which can be found a total of seven times in this room. It appears as a sculpture, on the walls and as a shadowy figure in the artificially constructed anteroom to the window with a 3D effect.

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