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Creative Workshop Munich

In our workshops at KUNSTLABOR 2 you can experience how much fun art can be. You can let your creativity run free and let off steam artistically.

You will learn a lot about different techniques and create your own artwork in some courses.

Our workshop leaders will first introduce you to the respective topic and the technique. Of course, you can always ask your own questions and develop your own creative ideas.

The newly acquired theoretical knowledge will then be put into practice - because participation and self-design are in the foreground with us!

Our creative team is open to ideas for theme worlds that are fun for your kids. Please send your enquiries to



Theme worlds of our Creative Workshop

Examples of possible theme worlds:

Theme world (Ex 1):

Every day, we throw away millions of tonnes of waste worldwide. Yet decorative and/or usable new items, objects and works of art can be created from the remnants of our consumption.

In KUNSTLABOR 2 we breathe new life into supposed rubbish. At Upcycling for example, a musical instrument is created from the plastic bottle by filling it and sticking it on.

Let your imagination and creativity run wild!


Theme world (Ex 2):
Tape Art

Turning ordinary parcel tape into art - can't imagine that? 

For many artists, tape is the perfect medium for their work, be it on cardboard, glass, canvas or in public spaces.

In our tape art workshops you will learn more about this new art form and create your own work of art from colourful adhesive tape.

You want to celebrate your birthday with us? Then grab your friends and dive into the world of art techniques together.

More info under the category: Children's birthday party

FAQs about the Creative Workshop for Children

All workshops take place at KUNSTLABOR 2, Dachauer Straße 90, 80335 Munich. The course instructors will pick you up directly at the reception.

This varies depending on the workshop: Most graffiti courses can be booked from 10 years of age. However, some creative workshops are also suitable for children as young as 8. Please note the booking conditions!

All materials will be provided. Please wear/bring clothes that can get dirty.

Regardless of the corona layer, you always need an FFP2 mask when spraying to protect yourself from the aerosols. Please bring along!

Please feel free to contact the KUNSTLABOR 2 team:


Phone: +49 (0)89 32963420