Who is Samy Deluxe?

Samy Deluxe (*1977) is a German rapper and music producer.

He also works as a publisher, ran the Hamburg restaurant Gefundenes Fressen and, with Deluxe Records, his own label for several years.

With the association DeluxeKidz, formerly known as Crossover, he is committed to the cultural education of young people.


Samy Deluxe Art Exhibition at Kunstlabor Munich

LiarKasten - "So many liars on the screen Liarkasten
Floods of propaganda from the hi-fi boxes
People staggering under heavy everyday burdens
All waver none may let themselves fall
Divide and divide opinion on all sides
Blaming our favourite entertainment
Class struggles all seek attack surface
Subjective arguments I get stomach cramps

Digga please shut the fuck up straight and keep a minimum distance.
No I have never been a Corona denier I am a staunch mad cow advocate
Who has not contracted the flu but sees what the virus does to people.
Everyone here wants to improve their knowledge and it seems like a scavenger hunt forever - bang bang every stroke of fate n hit shutdown like the hit back then by Skepta
Normality is cancelled life is alienated it shapes our world view I swear I don't understand this trend
I've never been in telegram chat, unfortunately, can't trust mainstream media
but don't trust any fuckin youtubelink either, because people are manipulative in themselves.
so I'm just following my primal instinct
Everyone so shocked as if there had been no corruption no big plots before
Our Posts Throttled by Robocops Our First World Picture Photoshopped
This is the art of war - Machiavelli It kills us because we were not ready.
the load is so heavy Yippie Yippie yeah come global Pandemy"

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