Our partners

We already had partners on board for the "first edition" of KUNSTLABOR, who supported us with their creativity and drive. In KUNSTLABOR 2, we are also delighted to have many partners under the shared roof of the former health centre.

We are looking forward to a great collaboration. 

Art and culture

Together with our partners, we design various event concepts and turn KUNSTLABOR 2 into a centre for art and culture. Lovers of music, film, dance and performance can look forward to an extensive supporting programme.


Partners from the world of media have chosen KUNSTLABOR 2 as their new place of work. We work, laugh and celebrate together - this often results in the best strategies and campaigns. Collaboration and networking as a "creative think tank" is very important to us at KUNSTLABOR 2. 


The 3rd floor of KUNSTLABOR 2 houses artists' studios for painters, sculptors, designers, photographers, architects, illustrators and many other creative minds who pursue their creative process here.

We are pleased to announce in cooperation with super+, To offer studios for creative professionals.

Artists who enjoy a good studio community are welcome.

Applications, with portfolio and social media links welcome, to ateliers@superplusstudio.de