Who is Joshila Dhaby?

Joshila Dhaby grew up absorbing and appreciating the tropical landscape around her. She draws, paints, makes stencils and enjoys painting on the street. Her works inspire a passion for ecology and she aims to create conversation.

Her work is informed by an awareness of sustainability. Her focus is on creating works that inform uncomfortable issues such as man-made threats to the environment and wildlife, as she seeks to draw attention to our actions and responsibilities as citizens of the Ocean State. Intellectual engagement plays an important role in her work. However, the emotional and visual impact is still an important component.

Joshila's works consist of different layers, be it stencils, meanings or details that subtly contain messages for the viewer to interpret. The most important parts of the work are the feelings it contains, the connecting bridges and the story behind it.

Joshila Dhaby exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 in Munich

Joshila Dhaby builds on her craftsmanship as a self-taught Mauritian artist. For this art project, she has worked with acrylic drops, spray paint and paper origami to create a style all her own, bringing to life a magical world of stories and narratives, fragments for eternity.

Fabric of dreams shows the many possibilities we can attract or create. When we browse through books, the literature, photos and illustrations are fascinating and inspire us to learn, understand and paint the world around us. Despite the small size of the art lab room, the walls open up and the world becomes limitless. The artworks take us on a journey to Mauritius and celebrate the wildlife, the sea and the people.



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