Who is Jumumonster?

Raised in Hanover, with Peruvian-Chilean roots, JuMu now lives and works in Berlin as a freelance artist. Shamanism and the connection between humans, the spirit world and nature are integral parts of her work and serve as inspiration for her masks, canvases or murals. For her works, she uses everything she can get her hands on, creating a new, surreal world.

Jumumonster exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

Making peace with the inner devils - The composition of this space is a synergy of symbols from several pre-Columbian mythologies, such as Mayan, Aztec and Inca, through the figure of the devil and the underworld. A possible answer to the question of evil: In Mayan mythology, the concept of evil is based on the character flaws of the first created humans. The underworld (Xibalba) is not hell. It represents death and disease, which are seen as part of existence and not as punishment. According to these cultures, the underworld is a place composed of four levels: 1. the world of the afterlife (the overworld), 2. the world above the earth, 3. the world below the earth (the underworld), where the dead are, the unborn and everything that is below the surface of the earth or water, and 4. the horizontal (our world). This space offers the viewer a place to reflect. It is a sanctuary dedicated to the devil that attempts to show the extent to which the negative and positive interpretations of this deity depend on the social context. The devil has shaped the dynamics between identity and resistance in other non-Western cultures.

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