Who is Lion Fleischmann?

Lion Fleischmann

(born 1987) works and lives as an illustrator and freelance artist in Munich.

His expressive comic figures show imaginative people, animals and mythical creatures. They express kindness, childlike joy and contentment and reflect a positive attitude to life.

In early days, inspired by the Franco-Belgian comic classics and later by the street art scene in general, Lion's figures found their way from paper via canvas also onto walls and facades. Lion sees the special appeal of street art in the texture of the walls and the environment in which the images can develop their very own effect.


Lion Fleischmann exhibition "The Habitat" in Munich - Kunstlabor2

The habitat of insects, broken-consumed by humans.


The wall can be consumed/purchased piece by piece.

You will receive the individual fragments in the object frame as exhibited here.
(Price: 450 € incl. frame - please contact the team of Kunstlabor 2)
The habitat is destroyed piece by piece. Every act of consumption leaves a wound.

Sound design: Roman Fleischmann

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