Who is Leni Burger?

The artist Leni Burger, who lives and works in Munich, devoted herself to painting and illustration during her studies. She likes to combine her illustrative style with influences from modern street art. In current projects, she mostly uses transparent media such as different types of glass, acrylic glass or foils. The interplay of decentralised lighting with her objects gives viewers a differentiated perception. The artist prefers to use discarded objects to make the idea of sustainability and upcycling visible to all.

Thematically, her art is socially critical, e.g. with clear reference to women's rights and human rights. She also wants to represent her everyday feelings and a certain connection to her place of residence, Munich.


Leni Burger exhibition "Heimweg" in Munich - Kunstlabor2

Way home - How often do you, especially as a woman*, have an uneasy feeling when you go home alone at night? Countless times you wait for a message from your girlfriends to say whether they have arrived home safely, until you can finally fall asleep with peace of mind. The front door key clenched in a fist between the fingers is a symbolic example of the fact that a situation can arise at any time in which women have to defend themselves. Footsteps, shadows, dark walls of houses where one turns the corner sceptically. Rustling, groups of men, stupid sayings or comments as you pass by. Defencelessness in the darkness, the worry that you might not be able to see the situation and that you will be physically inferior. The thought of not being intimidated by all this. No one takes away my freedom to do what I want, at any time, and then still call a person so as not to feel alone.

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