Who is Biancoshock?

For a long time, Biancoshock did not consider himself an artist, until one day he decided to understand the aim and essence of his work.
He quickly realised that there was no existing "category" to which his urban imagery and methods, which are close to classical activism and performative art, could fit. For this reason, he decided to create "ephemeralism".

Ephemeralism by Biancoshock

"Ephemeralism" has the purpose of producing artworks that have a short existence in space and an unlimited one in time through photo and video documentation. Biancoshock works in public space and has realised more than 900 interventions in the streets of Italy, Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, England, Kosovo, Hungary, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Biancoshock exhibition at Kunstlabor München

Egosnake - In this room, the iconic game 'Snake' was re-enacted to talk about a very topical issue.
From the old X-ray photographs from the archives of the former health house, the shape of a snake is depicted. This in turn is composed of the word EGO.
That the 'monster' (the snake) is made up of the individual X-rays is a metaphor for the current situation: over the last 2 years, the X-ray has become a symbol for Covid-19. X-rays are the first medical test done to see if pneumonia is present.
In addition, this picture also says something about the current situation of vaccines. Each person can give a personal opinion about this artwork: A snake that lives and grows through people's X-rays, and the word EGO (egoism of anti-vaccinationists? Who knows?). It is interesting that when the snake reaches the last square, it clearly forms the word EGO, which means its death and the end of its game.

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