Who is Vicky Lardschneider?

Vicky Anna Lardschneider was born in Munich in 1994. She grew up in Munich and at Lake Chiemsee and finds her peace and strength in nature.

Painting is her expression of words and feelings, which she processes. Dealing with and appreciating the planet moves and influences her work a lot. Positively as well as negatively.

The special nature of her pictures and thus her way of seeing, the bird's eye view, helps and enables the viewer to detach himself from the things that surround and influence us. This opens up the chance to look at the essentials from a distance that provides a good overview without losing sight of the important whole. Pause, come to rest, take in, breathe deeply, form an opinion.

Artistic feature by Vicky Lardschneider

Lardschneider's art points out grievances and wonders that often pass by too quickly in everyday life and receive no attention at all.

Vicky works primarily with acrylic paints in combination with structural media, creating tactile, textural artworks. Her paintings are predominantly large format and consist of many layers of different processes. Each of these layers is worked out in detail at the end.

Vicky Lardschneider exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

Light on dimensions is an installation on influencing factors and their relation to each other, which directly affect the life of each individual as well as the whole of humanity. The project is based on the observation and analysis of the spatial (planet) and temporal dimensionalities (existence) known to us. These are
Origin - The Core of Being (1st Dimension) | Point
Development - The Process of Evolution (2nd Dimension) | Lines
Infrastructure - The Architecture of Life (3rd Dimension) | Space
Individuality - The individual view of the human being (4th dimension) | Interaction
Growth - Self-Reflection (5th Dimension) | Reflection
The circularly acting influencing factors, so-called components, are shown as circles. Their special feature is to always return to their beginning and thus be sustainable. These include above all "time" and "universal networking".
The lines reflect steady components. These do not have a sustainable effect and are exhausted in the future. Prominent examples are the "dissolution of resources" and "the exploitation of nature".

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