Who is Celia Renee Meissner?

Celia Renee Meissner's artistic work is defined by her light and sound installations. She responds to selected locations that reflect personal themes with spatial sculptures and compositions. Her sound compositions are created by rearranging site-specific sounds. These immersive soundscapes bring the viewer into Meissner's personal connections to the corresponding place.

After training as a wood sculptor in Oberammergau, she studied fine arts at the HBKSaar in Saarbrücken. Her work evolves from classical sculpture, which was further strengthened by an Erasmus semester at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga. She is currently studying at the AdBK Munich under artist Professor Hermann Pitz.

She continues to research new forms of expression that can transcend the boundaries of materiality and form to another personal level.

Cenlia Renee Meissner exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 in Munich

"Around the next corner..." - The line drawings of light show paths. Paths that I have walked, or perhaps will still walk. They show how my paths have felt so far. There is often the feeling that we grow up in a world in which the "straight" path is presupposed in order to take one's place in society.

I made many turns. Sometimes I went backwards. And then only came forward in search of my place. Such a tear is often still seen as untypical and abnormal. Explanations and justifications are required. Often you find yourself at the point where you feel you don't really belong anywhere.

By going into the LGBTQIA+ community, I experienced for the first time the feeling of having encountered complete mutual understanding. Many things no longer had to be explained and justified. Security and relief were gained. Community means having an environment in which one can continue the search for one's "self" a little unencumbered.

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