Who is FAITH 47 (XLVII)

Liberty Du, known as Faith XLVII, is a South African multidisciplinary artist.
Her journey into art began in 1997 on the streets of South Africa as a young graffiti writer who took the name Faith47 (the number is a reference to her grandmother's numerological theorem).

The beginning of FAITH 47

In 2006, Liberty began a nomadic journey that has taken her to works in 39 countries.Her evolution from a street artist to a multidisciplinary artist has created a fluid yet solid bridge into the world of contemporary art. This exploratory approach has led her to develop a wide range of artworks. These range from immersive new media installations, hand-sewn tapestries and sculptural bronze works that explore hierarchies of power, to paintings and various explorations of printmaking.


FAITH 47 exhibition in Kunstlabor München

The Land War - The image of the rearing horse, sometimes bridled or with loose reins, represents a powerful animal subjugated by man.
Inevitably majestic and elegant in its powerful and muscular form, the horse has an inherent sense of nobility.
The image of the horse is associated with nationalism and patriotism and is associated with monuments and statues of statesmen and "war heroes". Historically, they were the animals that people took to war to fight alongside them and die with unrelenting loyalty.
Through this discrepancy between their physical strength and their submissiveness, they become archetypal symbols of human power struggles, war, nationalism and blind loyalty to leadership. Through these images we explore their dignity, their sense of agency, their own innate power independent of human aspirations.
The characters in this series evoke feelings of resistance, revolution and our individual ability to stand up to fascist rule and totalitarian power.

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