Who is Formula 76?

Benjamin Tibbs "Formula 76" is a Hamburg-based designer, graffiti writer, tattooist and artist. His work spans diverse disciplines across illustration, creative direction, graphic design, vandalism and type design. As a freelance graphic designer, he is part of the Hamburg design studio Typeholics.

The influences of Formula 76

"Street life, hustle, shitluck on a knife's edge: Formula 76 gives a face to the basic pillars of society. In return, it illustrates the constant hustle and a life that one always only almost has under control. Whether it's "raised by the street", just jumping off the fence again, or every weekend anew applying the eraser to the head - Formula 76 has been there and captured it all in a sketch. His images tell of being in the right place at the wrong moment and illustrate the good feeling of having done everything wrong right or right wrong."


Formula 76 Exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

Wall 1 - toutes directions
Wall 2 - exit dreams

Both works are about the escape of the emergency exit icon from the norms imposed on it.

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