Who is Kevin Lüdicke?

Kevin Lüdicke (*1991) is a painter and proponent of new media.

Studied Visual Communication and Art and Media at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Lives and works in Berlin.

Kevin Lüdicke is in the midst of extensive research - always.

Artistic feature by Kevin Lüdicke

His artistic work is the constant questioning and the fundamental attempt to make the perceived truth that everything could be different liveable. His works open up spaces. One looks at oneself and one's own world through a dream-like perspective - learned knowledge and felt truths are relentlessly confronted. The artistic works never abolish this existential tension, but manifest it as a stage on which we are ourselves and everyone else at the same time.


Kevin Lüdicke exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

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i.V. Kevin Lüdicke

Video: 01:30 min loop
Oil on canvas: 150 x 150
Cactus through pot

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