Who is Lapiz?

LAPIZ is a self-taught artist who works on canvases and walls. With his constantly evolving stencil works, he aims to jolt the unsuspecting viewer out of the pseudo-soothing normality of everyday life. Although his work is socially critical, he believes that harrowing realisations, beautifully portrayed, benefit society. Anger, sadness or disbelief are the natural inputs that precede action, organisation, acts of hope - they are the by-products of critical thinking. LAPIZ creates works that simultaneously reveal the injustices of our world and the evolution of his own creative self. His vibrant colours scream out from between the clean lines of the stencils, sometimes breaking their boundaries to promote truth and provoke dialogue.

Lapiz exhibition at Kunstlabor München

"Doesn't this still life look a bit strange? What kind of flowers look like that? None, because they're not flowers, they're soft tampons. Besides, the wallpaper is not as boring as it seems. If you look closely, you'll find all kinds of toys: vibrators, dildos and more. While the female body is often sexualised in public, female sexuality and normal bodily functions are often considered private or even taboo. Motif tries to take these seemingly private things and show them for what they are: normal and beautiful."


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