Who is Yolanda Ng?

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Yolanda Ng began her early career as a professionally trained fashion designer. For 15 years she ran her own label and designed for various fashion houses and luxury brands. Travelling and working on three continents, she has gained her own unique vision and perspective in the way she sees and captures society and lifestyle in her photographs.

Artistic Inspiration by Yolanda Ng

As she ventured deeper into her career, she decided to retire from the fashion industry as a designer and fully immerse herself in the world of photography. Because of her immense love and experience in high fashion, she developed an editorial style that became a significant presence in her photographs and informs her work.

Yolanda Ng exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

Stay soft - The sculptural installation by Katalina Koss is a tribute to the diverse and transformative qualities of being a woman in today's society. The wall sculpture depicts colourful examples of femininity and tells stories of female character and ever-evolving beauty.
The video installation is by creative director and photographer Yolanda Ng and reflects the pressures society puts on women and how these expectations can be poisoned on social media. Staged with unrealistic perfection of ubiquitous beauty standards and mannerisms, this video shows how femininity can be manipulated even in today's society.
Each side of this room reflects the reality and unrealistic challenges of our modern world.

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