Who is Noiz Two?

Robin Gower aka Noiz Two is a trained carpenter, studied interior design and has his artistic roots in graffiti. Starting with classic style writing, which he has been doing since 2000, his work has undergone a steady development and gradually found its way from the wall to the canvas.

Letters have increasingly split into abstract forms and colour fields and, rearranged, form a partly simple, partly complex interplay. The influences of the architectural elements absorbed in his everyday work as an interior designer also flow into his style, as do the elements of style writing.

For his canvas works, he has retained the medium of spray cans and uses tape to zone the abstract forms and colour compositions.

With his mural behind the Amari Bar, he translates his current works from the canvas back onto the wall. This alternation between the design of large surfaces and small-format canvases is an essential basis for his work.

Noiz Two exhibition at Kunstlabor 2, Munich

"Forms of perception - extended"

This mural was created as part of the upcoming exhibition "Forms of perception" in the U-bahn Galerie Universität of the BA Maxvorstadt from November 2022. The approx. 10m long wall forms a symbiosis with the spray-painted spiral staircase behind it, comes with a strong colourfulness and deliberately refuses a prefabricated statement of content.

Abstract forms, in seemingly arbitrary arrangements, leave the viewers completely alone with their interpretations and the search for meaning. Only the interplay of colour gradients from purple/violet to blue and red/orange set a certain mood for the audience.


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