Who is Michael Acapulco?

Michael Acapulco (*1980) is a visual artist. He lives and works in Munich. His art is largely concerned with exploring truths. A reflection of the individual in his environment is a guiding theme. "What is your desire, and what is your reaction." - "What is your essence, and how do you walk this path?" are the themes of his interest. Michael Acapulco is particularly preoccupied with the role of each individual and how they deal with the inside and the outside in their respective social structures. His works move between abstract representation of specific questions and space-giving art.

Artistic feature by Michael Acapulco

"My works are meant to give space for growth, confrontation and joy, while remaining human and not excluding anyone." Says the artist.

As an installation artist, he works predominantly with everyday objects. Although digital & video art is used as material, he refrains from a purely digital representation, but creates symbioses from tangible components. In his artistic career, the self-taught artist has shown himself in various exhibitions and collaborations and galleries since 2009. Since 2017, he has been officially recognised as a visual artist by the BBK.


Michael Acapulco exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

The artist - a tribute to the gift.
The artist: "There he sat and laughed - which brought him his gift."
A kinetic mobile, oversized armpits with pencils, draws circle-like shapes on paper in repetitive movements. A cycle is created that can be influenced from the outside. In the process, graphics are formed that record the day in its individual dynamics.

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