Where is Tomislav Topic from?

Born in 1985 in Hanover and living in Berlin, artist Tomislav Topic has created a stylistically unique and distinctive oeuvre over the course of his career. As part of Quintessenz and as a solo artist, he has been able to realise numerous installations and murals in public spaces worldwide.

History & Background of Tomislav Topic

Tomislav Topic's murals push the boundaries of the genre of painting and prove that his abstract, non-representational style works brilliantly both in small gallery formats and on monumental walls. Through his studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, he has a background in both the academic art world and urban art. He self-confidently formulates his own artistic point of view that seeks to unite and transcend these classical categories and understands his artistic work primarily as work on our environment.

He has been a lecturer at the University of Hildesheim and other educational institutions. Topic is known for his colourful, site-specific art installations, in which he knows how to reduce his work to the very essence of art itself: Colour and form. These are elevated to the sole and primary content of his art. Through his abstract works and fundamental focus on colour and form, he creates universally understandable installations that allow the viewer to have a genuine and direct experience of art. In Topic's work, the uplifting power of beauty and the logic of science enter into a symbiosis that challenges us to perceive the environment with expanded senses. Whether painting or installation, his art has the ability to resonate worldwide as an internationally valid form of expression and also to unite people of diverse cultures in art.

For more than a decade, Topic's artistic work has received increasing international recognition. He has been invited to exhibitions, festivals and artist residencies in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Mauritius, Qatar, the USA and China.

Tomislav Topic in Art Lab 2 - Munich

Memories - We live in an almost completely designed world. Pretty much every place we visit is optimised and designed for us humans.

In his site-specific works, Tomislav Topic does not want to disguise this factor, but rather to address it and work with it. The place where he creates his works is at least as important as the elements he adds - only the space, no matter how dull or unimaginative, creates the space for the installation. So why deny this place and its soul.

The installation "Memories" starts in the back with a grey-blue plane and almost merges with the light source behind it. The given light sources play an important role: if you switch off the artificial light during the daytime hours, almost the entire colour strength of the work disappears due to the backlight from behind and changes it significantly.

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