Who is Mina Mania?

Mina Mania (*1986) is a versatile artist with a strong sense of aesthetics and style. She lives and works in Berlin, but also has many international projects. Graffiti crossed her path in 2000 and since then she leaves her mark wherever possible. In 2018, she designed her own spray can as a limited artist edition for MONTANA CANS. Mina's greatest passions are drawing, painting and spraying. She also creates fashion for her video performances. Through her many colourful artworks, her unique style is already known worldwide.

Mina Mania's Art

Her sparkling imagination combined with her technical skills and passion for the extraordinary make her works exceptional. Mina's large-scale works are full of vitality and energy and always convey a powerful expression that immerses the viewer in her artistic universe. Her creation Nana, a woman with super feminine assets, stands for female strength, courage and open-mindedness.


Mina Mania exhibition at Kunstlabor München

Mina Anima - The Oracle - L'oracle - Upon entering the mysterious, ultramarine blue room, you are drawn into a hypnotic spell. For a moment, everything that weighs on you can fall away and you surrender to the mystical atmosphere of the oracle "Mina Anima". Her appearance is impressive and shines in changing light.
Enveloped in a magnificently painted cloak, "Mina Anima" gives you protective and motivating words. Be attentive and be inspired by the nanas dancing along the walls. They are already in a trance. Positive messages await you, be open to vibrations on a higher frequency.

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