Who is Tobias Leingruber?

Tobias Leingruber studied communication design/new media and has been working artistically in the digital space for over 20 years.

His sound installation complements the visual experience in the space. A collection of familiar digital notifications in the black room is acoustically amplified. The apparent well-being in the white room is clarified by soft, long-wave synthesizer sounds.

Tobias Leingruber exhibition "ATEM" at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

ATEM - Scenery of a separate perception of inside and outside. Yin and yang stand for structures and processes that describe a totality, an eternal cycle in their reciprocal relationship. The relationship is not absolute, but changeable. Yin (shady place) here is the passive, dark, inwardly directed energy, passive receiving, exhaustion, night and silence. Yang (sunny height) here describes the active, bright, the impulse-giving principle, receiving power, as well as active giving and light. Yin and Yang always rise and fall alternately.

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