Who are Rocco and his brothers?

Born in the 80s, Rocco and his brothers have been an integral part of the Berlin graffiti scene since around 2000. The experience and creation of autonomous art and the annexation of space continued in socio-political art actions and satirical works.

In January 2016, they founded the collective "Rocco and his brothers" for large installations in public space. The very first work, the Berlin underground room, evoked a great media response. Since then, many actions have followed at irregular intervals.


Rocco and his brothers exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

National Reserve - 1000 bars from 100,000 respirators, 2021
It is nothing new that a few enrich themselves from the suffering of the many. In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, there was an increased need and shortage of corona protection equipment, especially respirators, in 2020. Ministries were therefore in need of supplies. Corrupt politicians from our ruling party collected payments in the millions through contract placements that were profitable for them but not for the common good. The result was that the federal government had to pay up to 10 euros per mask. Billions of euros were thus spent on inferior masks, which the Minister of Health, who is himself also implicated in the corruption affair, eventually wanted to distribute to the socially disadvantaged and people with disabilities, if the SPD -led Federal Ministry of Labour had not intervened.
Now the masks are stored under the name "National Reserve" for future crises. Germany's gold reserves became masks, and masks became the new gold.

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