Who is Florian Huber?

Florian Huber (*1985 in Trier) completed his training as a forester in Darmstadt and his studies in social education. The artist has been living and working in Hamburg since 2014. He is a founding member of the cultural association dasblumen e.V., curator of xpon-art, and part of Elektrohaus.

The influences of Florian Huber

Inclusion and exclusion are central themes in the works of Florian Huber. The autodidactic artist often uses construction fences and/or barbed wire as basic materials for his installations and objects and alienates them in their function and effect. His works can be seen at various locations nationally as well as internationally (e.g.: at the A4 Contemporary Arts Center in Chengdu // China).


Florian Huber Exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

when I grow up... - Due to the ongoing pandemic of the last 2 years, the importance of a (safe) home has grown. More than before, the home, the private space, became the focus of personal and public attention. The private became political again. For many people, home became a space for living, leisure and work, and demarcations between the categories became more difficult. Although the living space was a refuge from the virus, at the same time it often appeared as a kind of prison. This led to an increased desire for a place of refuge of one's own.
Children and young people naturally build their own dens, huts and hiding places. They need these spaces in which they can develop into independent and self-determined personalities. As they grow older, these places change, become fewer - we can't just build a cave and retreat to it, can we?

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