Who is Paula Calavera?

Paula Calavera was born in 1989 in Ceuta, Spain. She studied Fine Arts at the University of La Laguna, Tenerife, and now lives in the Canary Islands.

At the centre of her career is the concept of intimacy, her sculptural registers and colour palette are influenced by figurative expressionism. One of her sources of inspiration is furniture she finds in the rubbish. The use of chairs as a literary device of ellipsis: presence in absence.

Paula Calavera exhibition "Stuff" in Munich - Kunstlabor2

Stuff - This work is inspired by the daily movement of objects in this building. An old multi-purpose building full of objects that tell of the building's former uses.

The accumulation of these objects without apparent gravity aims at a chaotic space, similar to moving house or trying to reorganise when we have accumulated too many things over the years. Before the order is the chaos of things lying all over the place, face up and face down.

The space is meant to convey a certain unease and disorientation, but also a sense of tenderness through a friendly colour palette.

The objects hanging from the ceiling add more movement and chaos to the composition; it seems as if something has happened to cause the disorder. That something is the KUNSTLABOR 2 project, which occupies and appropriates a building in downtown Munich to create culture and foster encounters between artists.

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