Who is Sebastian Klug?

Sebastian Klug's works move in the field of tension between photography and sculpture.

Starting with the transfer of model-making techniques to his low-fi photographs taken with an old Nokia mobile phone on forays through Berlin nights, the trained architect and photographer develops an original visual and formal language.

He explores the optical and haptic properties of his image carriers, photographic prints, in series of cut-up, interwoven image-objects combined with a wide variety of materials. The chimerical hybrids oscillate between genres and, depending on the position of the viewer, appear more as a picture or a sculpture.

Sebastian Klug Exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 Munich

Sebastian Klug's site-specific installation is composed of 2 prints from his series of photographs taken with an old Nokia mobile phone, mainly in the environment of Berlin but also of Munich's nightlife. For the first time, he transfers his technique of cutting up the images, which are characterised by image noise and strong contrasts, and then weaving them together, to an entire room, thus creating a jungle-like cosmos that invites you to dive in, lose yourself in it and let only your senses guide you. The wave-like structure that stretches across the walls and ceilings, creating an organic play of colour and shadow, combines vegetative associations with the oscillations of oscillators familiar from sound technology.

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