Who is Alessandra Mattanza?

Alessandra Mattanza is a multimedia artist, photographer and writer living in New York City, USA. She studied art, literature, philosophy and theatre at Ca' Foscari University in Venice, Italy, and has worked as a journalist for many magazines and newspapers, including the South German Newspaper. As a photographer, she has published numerous illustrated books, including Australia and the Aboriginal PeopleWonders of New York AND STREET ART - Famous artists talk about their vision. She exhibits her work in art galleries, luxury hotels and museums around the world. Alessandra's work reflects her strong interest and commitment to issues such as equality, the environment, indigenous rights and supporting emerging artists.

Alessandra Mattanza Exhibition at Kunstlabor 2, Munich

Together with the exhibition NEW YORK BLACK AND WHITE, the installation LEND A HAND FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE! in the SOCIAL JUSTICE ROOM at KUNSTLABOR 2 launches a campaign of the same name, inviting people to leave their thoughts on POST-IT notes on the topic on a wall opposite the window. It is an experience that involves adults, youth and children, for a better world.

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