Who is Sandra Maria Schindler?

Born in the mid-90s, Sandra Maria Schindler has been active as a freelance artist since 2017. After completing her studies in art education in 2020, she became self-taught in various painting techniques.

Artistic feature by Sandra Maria Schindler

In her illusionistic works, which move on the border between realism and surrealism, she devotes herself to the representation of multidimensionality on what are actually two-dimensional backgrounds. Since 2019, she has been experimenting in particular with different ways of representing time in painting. By breaking open the dimensionality of the medium, the viewer is encouraged to look beyond the edge of his or her own perception. This is intended to open up new spaces of consciousness in which real change can take place.

Sandra Maria Schindler Exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 Munich

At fabric is an artistic exploration of the phenomenon of the human perception of time.

In the twentieth century, the theory of relativity, which negates the existence of absolute time through the effect of time dilation, triggered a further development of the concept of time in the border area of physics and philosophy. With the proven existence of relative time, we have to question our understanding of the individual-subjective perception of time. The British physicist Julien Barbour describes time as an illusion within the framework of his theory of a timeless physics. Thus, variability in the universe would only create the illusion of a flow of time for us, with each moment standing alone in its perfection.

In order to represent the essence of the subjective and fluid sense of time within an assumed objective, static reality, the same figure is depicted several times in different positions. Thus the mediality of the painting becomes a direct part of the concept. Just as the painted motif is static in its mediality on a higher level as an illusory image of a movement, our consciousness could seemingly flow as an indirect image of an unmoving, timeless reality.

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