Who is Miriam Ganser?

Miriam Ganser is an interdisciplinary artist from Munich. After training as a visual merchandiser, she studied communication design and now works freelance.

Her work incorporates a mix of digital and analogue techniques - the style is graphic, abstract and energetic with a clearly recognisable comic influence. Changing materials and experiments are part of her process. The tension of opposites is a formal and symbolic means for her to clarify, communicate and question.

In her works in public space, she enters into dialogue with the place by incorporating function, architectural features and details from the surroundings, thus offering a different perspective.

Miriam Ganser exhibition "ATEM" in Munich - Kunstlabor2

ATEM - Scenery of a separate perception of inside and outside. Yin and yang stand for structures and processes that describe a totality, an eternal cycle in their reciprocal relationship. The relationship is not absolute, but changeable. Yin (shady place) here is the passive, dark, inwardly directed energy, passive receiving, exhaustion, night and silence. Yang (sunny height) here describes the active, bright, the impulse-giving principle, receiving power, as well as active giving and light. Yin and Yang always rise and fall alternately.

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