Who is Spidertag?

Spidertag has been working legally and illegally since 2008, reinterpreting geometry, abstraction, minimalism and symbolism in urban and rural spaces around the world from a perspective of experimentation, risk and alternative futurism. His influences range from Russian Constructivism and video games to kinetic art, music, graffiti and contemporary architecture.


Spidertag exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

Interactive Immersive Neon Space #2 - Spidertag's Interactive Neon Murals are an avant-garde project that emerged on the world stage a few years ago to radically change the concept of mural painting and take the discipline down a new path where the viewer becomes part of the work and can alter a new element, the lights, in an experimental language.
Download the app with your phone camera and interact with Spidertag's Interactive Immersive Neon Space #2!

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