Who is Yul Zeser?

Yul Zeser lives and works in Munich. He produces large-scale, expansive sculptures and installations that reflect their surroundings, predominantly in public spaces. Site-specific engagement characterises his work, the accentuation of the materiality of the objects is a key feature of it. His current works include:

permanent installations in the landscape park Baumkirchen Mitte, Munich

"o.t" Mural, in cooperation with Daniel Man, "My O" Munich

"Der Lichte Raum", light installation in Propyläen, Königsplatz, Munich (finished)

The active support of Lucia Leyens, Tobias Wilczek and Nikolai Brinckmann made the realisation of the project possible.


Yul Zeser exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

FOCUS - The FOKUS installation is designed to break the basic geometry of a typical office space and lift the foundation of the room. The floor is raised by about 10 degrees; thus it cuts through the classic rectangular geometry. The new vanishing point geometry of the room is now purposefully laid. The floor is taken into the slope - it starts at the door and ends directly below the window sill. This creates a new diagonal in the room.

The angle of the floor is meant to invite the visitor to walk further along it and follow it to the uppermost point, where the visitor stands in front of the floor-to-ceiling open glass surface of the window and looks out. Ambient sounds and the unobstructed view of the outside world should encourage the visitor to forget the room as such, its original function and its primary concept.

What was Yul Zeser working on before the exhibition "FOKUS"?

FOKUS is a continuation of the work SUSPENDED CEILING, which aimed at an equally strong intervention in the space. This site-specific installation focused on the drywall ceiling (also known as OWA, Odenwald Ceilings), which has been installed in many buildings since the 1960s. The intervention in the strictly orthogonal ceiling structure and the change in the diagonal of the ceiling specifically alters the perception of space and the subjective relationship to a classical office.

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