Who is Case Maclaim?

Case is the pseudonym of Andreas von Chrzanowski, an artist from the German graffiti scene who was born and raised in East Germany. He has been painting with spray cans since 1995 and uses this medium to create photorealistic images of body shapes and portraits. Case was one of four members of the Maclaim Crew, which was founded in 2000 and is considered a pioneering group for photorealistic depictions in the graffiti scene.

Case Maclaim exhibition at Kunstlabor München

Case's themes are the human body, monstrosity and the dissolution of the boundaries between the human and the transgression of the boundaries of his figures. He removes them from their normal surroundings, changes them and then shows them in a new, equally changed context. In this way, he is able to replace the traditional notion of beauty with controversial, grotesque imagery, which creates its own form of fascination for the viewer. Join us in Kunstlabor and see some of his artworks live in Munich.

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