Who is Odour Odessa?

Born in 1986, Odour Odessa began her first creative excursions at a young age as a

graffiti artist in the streets of his hometown Nuremberg, where he lives to date and works as an artist and

designer works. His work on wall surfaces was increasingly complemented by 3-dimensional studio works in 2008.

Artistic feature of Odour Odessa

In addition to learning how to perfectly handle the "usual" spraying utensils and to acquire an individual graphic language of forms, Odour Odessa began to sharpen his eye for the perfect surface, which is characteristic of every graffiti artist, not only in terms of its visibility to passers-by, but also became more and more enthusiastic about special surface structures and wall qualities. To this day, he gives these the same space for the optimal expression of a work as he does to other creative means.

In addition to the skilful use of graphic forms, the objects, some of which fill walls, also demand craftsmanship; the artist himself always oscillates between street art, graphics and carpentry in the creative process.

Odour Odessa exhibition "Fragile Visions" at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

Fragile Visions - The viewer is immersed in a pictorial world from which it is not clear whether the room is a completed work or is just being created. The viewer's movements create changes of perspective, which result in new views and the installation is in a constant state of flux.
The resulting space is intended to offer room to playfully explore new perspectives and oneself.
to open up new perspectives and points of view.

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