Who is Matthias Edlinger?

Matthias Edlinger is an artist who moves between different media as a matter of course: collage, video, drawing, painting, spatial installations made of cardboard - all this is part of his standard repertoire.

It is not perfectionism that characterises Edlinger's working method, instead he uses the error-friendly and unmediated approach of street art.

Artistic Orientation by Matthias Edlinger

Edlinger produces a lot. He varies within his themes, makes forays and recursions within his own work, works in series and thereby condenses his oeuvre. Stickers, paste ups and digital content are manifold ways in which he multiplies his content. His works are like a fast wild ride through pop culture. In terms of content, Edlinger is definitely oriented towards the present. In this sense, he is also a clever and humorous chronicler of our time and our everyday reality.


Matthias Edlinger exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

The Leaning Tower of Pizza - No creative meeting without pizza. No pizza without a box. In short: it is impossible to imagine urban space without the pizza box. It is both a blessing and a curse. It keeps warm, is stable and promises delicious contents. But when too many boxes meet too few bins, the empty boxes pile up next to the bins until they grow to tower height. This installation takes up the theme in a playful way. The artist has created a unique new sight, "the Leaning Tower of Pizza", which is modelled exactly on the angle of the tower in Pisa and is sure to inspire visitors to take creative selfies.

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