Who is Johannes Brechter?

Johannes Brechter (*1979) lives and works in Munich. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Before that, he trained as a sign and light sign maker.

Artistic feature by Johannes Brechter

During this time he learned handlettering and typography. He began to use leftover materials from advertising technology and other recycled materials for his sculptures, collages and installations, which also influenced his painterly style. Over time, he developed a more abstract visual language combining typography and illustrative elements. Brechter's artistic work has roots in graffiti, which still influence his studio works, installations and murals in public spaces today.

Johannes Brechter exhibition "My Name" in Munich - Kunstlabor2

My Name - The expansive mural by Johannes Brechter consists of the letters of his first and last name. The letters are lined up in blocks of different sizes and filled in different colours. Like hieroglyphics, the picture is meant to invite the viewer to read and decipher. The focus is on the play of shapes and colours and the illustrative associations, which, depending on the viewing habits of the viewer, give rise to stories.

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