Who is Alexander Isakov?

The relationship between architecture and ornamentation inspires Alexander Isakov - across national borders. Filigree patterns, architectural structures and colours set as accents give his art its character. The most diverse building cultures of our history, their construction and the composition of old masters created in them, serve as his greatest inspiration.

The Influences of Alexander Isakov

It is mainly details and sections of a building that Alexander Isakov incorporates into his works. The aim is to combine the most diverse elements into new abstract structures and to continuously take up new forms which, in interaction with given shapes, colours and compositions, create new perspectives. In this way, his influences blend into something new, fictional, utopian.

Alexander Isakov Exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

This space describes a moment of repetition and reflection and is meant to encourage breaking the moment of comfort in order to grow from it. A character develops by allowing a certain routine or repetition to stop and step into the unknown. Often we are forced to take such a step and sometimes we force ourselves to do so. We develop over time a way of living that works for us. A certain repetition takes place. Leaving this comfort zone always brings a certain restlessness and tension. There are three identical paintings in this room to illustrate the above repetition. The door at the end of the room breaks this state and shows an undefined, but nevertheless belonging image of it. Something new, but not tangible. A mirror at eye level hangs in this abstract section and is meant to give absolute clarity to the broken moment.

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