Who is Laura Piantoni?

The artist and curator Laura Piantoni (*1977) works primarily in the fields of photography and screen printing, which she studied at the Munich Art Academy (1999-2006) and at the Zurich University of Art and Design (2001). Her photo book SOCIAL NETWORK PHOTOGRAPHY, published in 2011, was reported on by SZ-Magazin, Zeit online and ARTE, among others.

Laura Piantoni exhibition "Bubble Trouble" in Munich - Kunstlabor2

In large-format, neon-coloured hand screen prints, PIANTONI combines new motif collages in the tradition of Pop Art. Fragments from Hollywood, mass media and social media are "sampled" and arranged in a new context - MUNICH POP ART.


BUBBLE TROUBLE - All-over wallpaper, black and white collage, neon pink neon lettering

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