Who is Guido Palmadessa?

Guido Palmadessa (*1988) is a street artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in Berlin, Germany since 2018.
He develops painting, drawing and murals, from oil on linen to mixed media on paper and large-scale public projects.

Inspiration from Guido Palmadessa

He focuses on the social component of art and works in different contexts around the world, painting and giving workshops with his project "Migrant Dreams".
Raised in the street art generation and with an academic education (U.N.A / BS.AS), his portraits are a mix of symbolic languages, fantasy and social realism - all about the human condition.
He sees the world through painting, which he does everywhere, and sees art as a bridge that connects people and creates community.


Guido Palmadessa exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

Men in a room - Are we leaving people behind? We should face the fact that we do.
Art is hopefully a common bridge to discuss this.
The installation shows portraits of men in which scale plays an important role. It offers a space to feel, to observe and be observed, to reflect.
The symbolic layers overlaying the portraits represent the mix of languages, cultures and identities that exist in our societies. How we need to live together and respect diversity, but also advocate for the protection and inclusion of the most oppressed, neglected or marginalised identities.
The large-format portraits in such a small space are intended to highlight problems related to human rights, the migration crisis and overpopulation, while at the same time referring to the overwhelming feeling of being watched.

Comment by Guido Palmadessa

"I try to portray feelings of despair, resignation, anger, discomfort or reflection, the harsh reality of human expression, and invite viewers to engage with them in an earth-ochre space."

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