Who is Jakob Steiger?

Jakob Steiger's art takes you into a world where different realities come together and unite to create a new world, a new beginning of things. Classical painting techniques, printmaking, digital processing and photography are combined to create the image of a world as it could be. In a time of digital explosion in response to the Corona era, we are beginning to see this very world. Jakob Steiger has already foreseen this in his art and visualised it for us through his works.

Artistic inspiration from Jakob Steiger

His art is - besides his art studies - also influenced by his philosophy studies.
You will find parts of these philosophical texts in his two-dimensional works, made of acrylic painting, wood, collage techniques with photographic elements, which in this new combination expand the work from a two- to a three-dimensional work. The personal interpretation of each viewer also creates a fourth dimension: the idea of what else could be in the future of humanity and this world.

Jakob Steiger exhibition in Munich - Kunstlabor2

Since the beginning of modernism, the bond between artist and viewer has been increasingly torn. The artist's intention and the viewer's reception represent two poles that can only overlap to a certain extent. An artistic work can only open up a space for interpretation to the extent that it remains undefined. The objects want to reflect the state of the undefined middle through their empty spaces. The conceptual orientation of the exhibition obliges the viewer to include the pictorially non-representable in the process of viewing. Through the expansive presentation of two-dimensional elements, the reception is multidimensional from the very beginning - in the interplay of material, image, text and space in between.

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