Who is CRU:ZFX?

CRU:ZFX is a two-person artist collective that came together in 2011 to create three-dimensional artworks out of their ordinary works. Flo is actually a journalist at BR and comes from graffiti, Leo is a 3D graphic artist and designs characters for computer games. After their first woodwork and sculptures, they both very quickly got into the subject of art toys and began to produce their first individual pieces and small series with silicone moulds. With their first successes at exhibitions, they were able to meet the demand for their figures.
and so in 2016 they took the bold step of having figures professionally produced in Hong Kong. Since then, the Art Toys have been available in
available for purchase in various shops, online shops and exhibitions.


CRU:ZFX exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

Oh, oh! The biggest street gang in town has snatched up a room in Art Lab 2 and has been having a never-ending party ever since. Please be careful when entering the booths and do not feed the pigeons!
Three dove sculptures, 3D print worked with varnish and resin, approx. 50 x 40 cm.

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