Who is Reinhard Gupfinger?

Reinhard Gupfinger moves between visual art and sound art, ties in with subversive urban culture and at the same time combines it with complex sound techniques.

In many of his projects, sculptural bodies placed sparingly in the urban space involve visitors in an interactive event. Often it is the (oversized) three-dimensional objects that evoke an initial approach. Interaction is the lynchpin of his works; only through it, through the participation of the visitors, through touch, through closeness, do the objects begin to vibrate and unfamiliar, surprisingly new sound spaces emerge.


Reinhard Gupfinger exhibition "WROOM!!!" in Munich - Kunstlabor2

WROOM!!! - is an interactive spatial installation in which visitors can explore the limits of human hearing and familiar acoustic spatial perception.

As source materials for the installation, an old office cupboard was converted into a modular resonating body and made to vibrate by means of an organ motor.

The object has various controls such as small switches with which visitors can influence the "WROOM" sounds of the installation.

WROOM!!! acoustically and visually locates and generates an open interface of sound and architecture of the building in interaction with the people moving in it.

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