Who is Björn Joschi Baudach?

Björn Joschi Baudach, born in 1990 in Bad Kissingen, began his studies in 2009 in the field of aerospace engineering, but switched to architecture and completed this at the Technical University of Munich, including a one-year stay at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Artistic feature by Björn Joschi Baudach

His work focuses on the symbiosis, interplay and juxtaposition of analogue and digital media (especially in the visual realm) and their re-medialisation, often embarking on pixel-based adventures with the aim of capturing atmospheres, creating new metaphors and revealing different or unknown perspectives.
He lives and works (independently since 2017) in Bad Kissingen, Baruth/Mark and Munich. He is currently on the board of the Kunst- & Kulturverein Alte Schule Baruth and volunteers on a recurring basis for projects of the Kultur- und Spielraum e.V. Munich.

Björn Joschi Baudach Exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

Roof Room - Green Lagoon - The roof of the former health care building on Dachauer Straße in Munich was finished in oxidised copper. The same applies to the roof of the part of the building connected to the north. Its special aesthetics can only be guessed at from the urban space.
The colour of oxidised copper has always had different appreciations in a long architectural tradition, but due to its natural and at the same time artificial colourfulness (and chemical toxicity) it has a look that sets accents in the urban space and can evoke special associations, such as that of a green lagoon.
The transposition of the colour and structure of the crystalline folded roof into the interior of the building in the form of wallpaper, from which sculptural shelving elements develop, attempts to direct a new gaze (which is created not least by drone flights) to this particular building feature and to develop an experimental interior space from it.

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