Who is Eliot the Super?

Eliot the Super is a full-time freelance artist, musician and curator. He is one of the pioneers of the German hip hop movement. Everyday objects, mass media, junk food and snapshots taken with his smartphone are the content of his work.
In the style of pop art, ELIOT combines the roughness of his graffiti past with stencil, embroidery and screen printing. Since 2020 also more often sculptural and as NFTs. He prefers to develop series of works and multibles, as the effect of different colouring is exciting, each creative idea offers several solutions and through duplication a larger audience becomes accessible.


ELIOT the super exhibition at Kunstlabor München

Donuts a.d. elemente - This spatial concept addresses the current transition of the art world into the digital age and virtual alternatives in presentation. Art is the only analogue form of expression that is not yet digitally represented. VR sculptures and NFTs will change that. The pandemic has also shown us how art is an important stimulus for us humans and how bleak it is when access is denied.
Museums and galleries like other cultural venues have practically been closed for a year. Art in digital space is only at the beginning of its development and will of course not replace the analogue art experience, but represents a medium all its own. Eliot the Super sets an example with this spatial concept.

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