Who is Bona_Berlin?

Bona_Berlin is a street artist. She is known for her colourful faces, which are always composed of different colours and shapes. The whimsical heads are at home in the streets of the world. It all started on small pieces of paper in Berlin. In the meantime, the paste-ups have become murals that can be found in many countries on different continents.
Bona_Berlin's faces are individual and diverse, just like each and every one of us.

Bona Exhibition & Prices

The artist has had several solo exhibitions in recent years, curated the first all-female street art exhibition in Hamburg and is an integral part of various urban art festivals. In addition, Bona_Berlin is always socially engaged, e.g. in cooperation with Viva con Agua, Seebrücke or Kunst hilft Geben.
In 2020, Bona_Berlin won the audience award in the category "Intervention" at the Streetart-of-the-year-Award. The anamorphic installation "THE FACE" was created in collaboration with Nico Krüger and shows that we are all more than first appearances suggest.


Bona exhibition at Kunstlabor 2 - Munich

Art stares back - Bona_Berlin's space blurs perspectives and reverses familiar visual habits. Even as we pass by, we see large eyes that draw the viewer into the space. The anamorphic design of a large head makes spatial boundaries disappear. Walking through the colourful cube, the viewer discovers that there is also a lot to discover from the "window" side of the room.

Features of Bona_Berlin

Bona_Berlin is known for its faces, which are always the same and yet as unique as each of us. The different arrangements of shapes and colours, which always result in a new face, stand for positive diversity. The artist is concerned that one should look closely and not get caught on the surface. This desire can be transferred to human interaction and can be experienced in her space at Kunstlabor 2 in Munich.

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